19 May 2011

Welcome Joseph Thomas

Born very early this morning, just before 1 AM, May 19 and weighing 6lb 10oz.

Joseph...Wowee...you sure took your time...days of practice contractions and then more than 24hrs of active labor while a big storm raged outside. Your parents were amazing...so prepared, knowing exactly what they wanted (and got)...all natural, very focused and calm. Your momma may have shifted some walls while in labor with you - she leaned and pushed and pushed on them for most of your labor! She's tough! Your folks never lost their cool and remained so happy and unassuming that it seemed everyone at the hospital was kind of giddy.
When it came time for you to be born, it was your daddy, with the midwife's guidance, who caught you and gave you straight to your momma. You were also very calm and alert and took it all in.

Welcome, baby boy!

10 May 2011

Welcome, Luke Robert

How are these for cool stats: born at 7:47am weighing 7lb 11oz! An earlier than expected birthday with a fast and furious labor punctuated by a LONG transition of being *almost* there! But once you came out, you were calm as could be, with your full head of hair and bright eyes just taking it all in.

Your momma thought through everything and knew just what she needed to get you here. Your daddy was solid in his support, reminding her of her priorities along the way.

Enjoy your big brother, Owen...you will need to start working on your golf swing (and most other sports) now if you are to give him any competition... I bet you guys are going to have a blast! Both of you born on Tuesday...full of grace.

Welcome to the world, lovey.