20 January 2013

Free Parenting Workshop 1/23

Just passing this along - sounds like it could be interesting:

Free Parenting Workshop
The Non-Verbal World of Parent and Baby Communicating
In the first year of life, your baby’s primary way of communica8ng is through movement. The non-­‐verbal interac8ons between you and your baby affect his/her interests, preferences and ways of coping in the world.
In this workshop, we will use movement explora8ons to help you understand how your basic style of moving influences your rela8onship with your baby.

Claire Kaplan, LCSW, has a psychotherapy practice in New York City and South Orange, NJ. She specializes in working with parents and has over 12 years of experience working with individuals and groups. Claire is a mother of two.
Wednesday January 23rd 7-­‐9pm
Rosie Hippo Toys 358A Millburn Avenue Millburn, NJ
Call to reserve a spot 917.664.4002 www.claireskaplan.com

18 January 2013

Good morning world

Though a big bummer to miss a night of sleep when trying to stay healthy while everyone seems to be dropping like flies, it was so worth it to help support and witness an all natural VBAC - that momma was unstoppable.  And even though it was very similar to her first labor, complete with excruciating back pain and baby tangled up in her long cord, all was different and just as she wanted in the end.  Welcome baby Elise!

14 January 2013

Comforts Of Home

My middle guy is having a birthday this week - twelve!  Normally they all like to go to "the place where they cook in front of you" (hibachi) for their birthday dinner.  This morning my boy said he preferred stir-fry at home this year.  Love that kid!  Off to the Asian market I go.

08 January 2013

Cesareans and VBAC: avoiding misinformation

I spoke with a woman today about VBAC (though I am unavailable to serve her, I could hear that she just needed to at least be offered a kind ear and some resources).  She is being told by her OB that it's her choice but VBAC is dangerous and there are NO risks to cesareans, so she should schedule a cesarean for 39 weeks (early in her pregnancy, they told her they support VBAC).  Either these doctors are ill-informed or unethical - both troubling.  I gave her the names of other doulas, but also other care providers and told her that while hiring a doula would help, the best move to make would be to explore other care providers and listen with her gut - if it tells her to stay with her current provider, so be it - at least it's by choice and thus she won't scare herself out of going into labor via distrust.  And since it sounded from what she described like her first baby was probably posterior (and that she's an excellent candidate for VBAC based on all she reported about scar, time frame etc), I suggested she consider seeing a chiropractor for optimal positioning, as well as take a look at Spinning Babies. The care provider she is currently with is willing to induce VBACS - hmm, maybe he's the problem, depending on methods of induction? So I suggested acupuncture for post-dates. 

All of this is to say that there is a pattern of misinformation commonly being handed to birthing women and it's upsetting.

Here are some places to get accurate information about cesareans and VBAC:

Childbirth Connection

ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network)


(photo is from Childbirth Connection's booklet, titled in the picture)