22 December 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell

Yay! It's officially no longer the policy of our military...
now to tackle that other "Don't Ask Don't Tell" - eating & drinking in labor at a hospital

13 December 2010

Is my baby getting enough milk? (1 of 4)

Snippet of motherhood: do the right thing

Today my 6yo asked to speak with me in private. He was very serious.
With tears in his eyes, he started to talk.

Apparently a little toy animal from a vacation bible school (he attended a few days this summer) "fell into his pocket"and he's been sweating it ever since...he was afraid he would be in trouble for this "accident" and is sure that the teacher has probably thought of nothing else since. He wanted me to return the toy but didn't want to go himself.

I told him that he was doing the right thing talking to me & should have done so sooner (he admitted he felt better) but that he wouldn't have such a bad feeling if it was truly an accident and that to really do the right thing & feel even better, he needed to tell me how the toy got into his pocket. He clung to his story for a bit but then he confessed. And I told him that likely that teacher would not even be there when we go, but nevertheless, he needs to be the one to say what happened and that he will certainly be in the right place for people appreciating someone being moved to do what is right, even if they did something wrong to begin with. So now I have to figure out when the church is open so we can make amends.

Good times.

make a difference

The biggest thing you can do today is a small act of kindness
-Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ

Mayor Booker was on the radio and told a story about how he became a complete shut-in while studying for the bar exam...his landlord, a man who did not know him well, noticed he wasn't going out and started checking on him. The landlord brought him food and did his laundry because he could and knew it would help. A small act of kindness that will always be remembered.

What can you do today to help someone, just because?

(artist of drawing unknown)

12 December 2010

first holidays without my mom

To face unafraid,
The plans that we've made,
Walking in a winter wonderland.

10 December 2010

who needs a full moon!

I slept fitfully Wednesday night as I had a feeling I would get called to a birth and sure enough, Thursday just before 5am I got a call that a client was in labor...she had the baby Thursday evening - a lovely VBAC after only a few pushes and a beautiful baby boy was born!
A little time to reconnect with family, do dinner/homework/bath time and then off to the city I went for another birth, a sweet and calm baby girl, Abbie, born this (Friday) morning about 5:30am after just a few pushes. The drive home was bad though - DUI of fatigue!
Made it home just in time to wake up kids, but thankfully my husband jumped in and I got a brief nap before starting my day. All hail to the eye shade mask.

Friday night and I'm going to crash...more babies on the horizon!

Welcome to the world, little ones!