10 December 2010

who needs a full moon!

I slept fitfully Wednesday night as I had a feeling I would get called to a birth and sure enough, Thursday just before 5am I got a call that a client was in labor...she had the baby Thursday evening - a lovely VBAC after only a few pushes and a beautiful baby boy was born!
A little time to reconnect with family, do dinner/homework/bath time and then off to the city I went for another birth, a sweet and calm baby girl, Abbie, born this (Friday) morning about 5:30am after just a few pushes. The drive home was bad though - DUI of fatigue!
Made it home just in time to wake up kids, but thankfully my husband jumped in and I got a brief nap before starting my day. All hail to the eye shade mask.

Friday night and I'm going to crash...more babies on the horizon!

Welcome to the world, little ones!

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