17 June 2013

Happy (belated) Father's Day

This great list from gab.giggle.com:

Happy Father's Day to my dad and to my husband, who really was my partner in getting breastfeeding off to a great start...
Dads - you may not have the milk but you can sure help make breastfeeding successful! 

 Posted by bestforbabes, June 11, 2013
 Listen Up, Dads! 10 Ways You Can Support Your Breastfeeding Partner - See more at: http://gab.giggle.com/2013/06/nursing-know-how/listen-up-dads-10-ways-you-can-support-your-breastfeeding-partner/#sthash.YnPqJaGb.dpuf
1. Remember to tell your partner how proud you are of them for breastfeeding, especially when it isn’t easy, and that she’s a good mother regardless of how she chooses to feed your baby.
2. Keep the phone number of a good lactation specialist on speed dial, just in case. (Need one? Check out Baby2breast.com.)
3. Offer to take baby out for a walk in the sling or carrier so Mom can take a much-needed nap.
4. Know what Booby Traps® are; and do your best to protect your partner against them at the doctor’s office, hospital, or elsewhere.
5. Bring Mom a glass of water or a snack when she’s nursing. (Trust us, it will earn you major brownie points.)
6. Fetch the nursing pillow when need-be and don’t be afraid to check and see for yourself if baby has a good latch. (Not sure what one looks like? Get yourself a good breastfeeding DVD, stat.)
7. Breastfeeding away from home isn’t always easy. Be prepared: If duty calls, you may have to act as a “human shield” against any rude looks or comments your partner may get for breastfeeding in public.
8. Lay baby on your bare chest for some skin-to-skin bonding time. It’s been proven to boost baby’s (and dads!) oxytocin — a.k.a. “the love hormone”— which reduces stress on baby, Dad, and Mom.
9. Offer to go on dishes and laundry duty as much as possible. (We know — it may not be your favorite thing to do, but hey, Mom’s a little occupied at the moment.)
10. Pull a David Alan Basche (of The Starter Wife fame) and tell any of your skeptical buddies that breastfeeding is awesome and that they should get on board for their partner’s sake.

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