26 August 2010

whip 'em out

staying connected

check out this amazing explanation (Midwife Thinking's Blog: The placenta - essential resuscitation equipment) of why it's so important not to cut the cord prematurely...nice to have our instincts/what we knew already so very nicely explained with good science.

Such a pity that premature cord clamping will likely increase rather than decrease as more and more people do cord blood banking, which, imho, is ignoring substantiated science and creating a problem now in deference to more theoretical science and insurance against a problem that may never occur.

18 August 2010

welcome baby Emma Cate!

Wednesday, 8/18/10, 7lb 13oz
What a marathon, but your momma did it, with your help...thanks for finally turning! Your dad was right there, calm and funny and attentive every minute, helping your mom move through her fears and make today an joyous one.
Happy birthday Emma!

16 August 2010

snippet of motherhood

School is still weeks away...yet today we had this exchange:

My 6yo:
Mom, on the first day of first grade, don't say, "I love you Sweetiepie - have a great first day - I'm so proud of you!" when I'm walking toward my school, OK? Just say, "I love you" in the car and I'll say it back. Or maybe you can say just, "I love you" when I'm walking away.

(gulp) OK. Wait - so I can say "I love you" when you're outside, just not the other stuff, right?


Got it. (sigh)


01 August 2010

Welcome, baby Anamika!

Anamika Sydney (middle name for the city in which her folks became engaged - love that!)
5lb3oz of petit but lovely baby, born this morning, Sunday, August 1st.
Mika - your parents worked so hard all day and all night and are thrilled you are here...and what a treat to meet your grandparents and hear stories of family births and namings!

Welcome to the world!