16 August 2010

snippet of motherhood

School is still weeks away...yet today we had this exchange:

My 6yo:
Mom, on the first day of first grade, don't say, "I love you Sweetiepie - have a great first day - I'm so proud of you!" when I'm walking toward my school, OK? Just say, "I love you" in the car and I'll say it back. Or maybe you can say just, "I love you" when I'm walking away.

(gulp) OK. Wait - so I can say "I love you" when you're outside, just not the other stuff, right?


Got it. (sigh)


1 comment:

Corin said...

Oh goodness, break my heart! When my son (now 2yro) says that, I will diiiieeeee!! Makes me truly cherish these face-squishing, slobbery, full-face kisses he smothers me with everyday. I know it always won't be this way.