18 October 2013

Circle Game

While dropping of my oldest this morning at the high school, I saw the kids with school spirit (aka, those not related to me) dressed and decorated with face paint for today's homecoming pep rally as kickoff to homecoming weekend (and I silently patted myself on the back for remembering to send in money/permission slip for kid's homecoming dance ticket). There was an adorable cheerleader in uniform sporting a retro side pony...I used to love wearing my uniform to school. Those uniforms were sort of ugly, since school colors were maroon and light blue (Go USN Tigers!), and I'm certain that those are not good colors for any complexion. But the bonus was that my school had this break between terms called Winterim and you could take fun classes/class trips or journal during your own travel. We always went someplace tropical so I was tan...good memories. Makes me feel wistful but happy.  And that Joni Mitchell song always makes me cry...it has rehearsal dinner photo montage all over it - the groovier "Sunrise, Sunset".