27 February 2013

13 February 2013

virtual book tour...stay tuned for some book reviews

Technology is amazing...usually when someone asks me to review their book or film, they send a hard copy. Today I opened a link and a book flew into my Kindle. I will be part of a virtual book tour: http://birthtouch.com/2013/02/birthtouch-virtual-book-tour-linky-with-these-fabulous-women/#more-1107

snippets of motherhood: signs of puperty

this morning middle kid asked if girls get hair under their arms; upon learning that the answer is yes, he said, "I did not see that coming" ;-)

04 February 2013

song for the morning

doing his part to keep me "socially relevant"

After we dropped off the last of his friends,  my oldest turned of his music (rap) and told me he had made me a playlist for the car - music he likes but thought I would also like...he said it was for, "white, middle-aged, suburban ladies who wish to remain socially relevant - mostly indie stuff".  I wanted to hug him and punch him at the same time.  And I kinda wanted to hate it.  But damn, I loved every song.  I didn't know the names of anything, but have heard the songs before and was in music heaven.  So I guess that really is my demographic - he's got me pegged.

The other cool thing that happened was beforehand, one of the rap songs came on and he told his friends he had used it to compare to Cather In The Rye for an essay.  And then they talked about the book!  And I mentioned a newish book, Ten Thousand Saints, that has some similar themes and they said it sounded cool. 

These fleeting moments keep me going, through all the less good parenting moments.