29 June 2009


This morning my youngest said he had to go to the bathroom on the way to his first day of camp. If he had been my first or only, I'm pretty sure I would have stopped someplace. But since he's my third, I instead said, "ok - tell your camp counselor when we get there sweetie". Tough times growing up the youngest, I guess!

oh - and it didn't even occur to me to take pictures...oh well - I can always capture day TWO of camp!

24 June 2009

watch politicians discuss breastfeeding

A piece on Huffington Post showed a Senate committee on Tuesday discussing breastfeeding and legislation that would make it easier for working moms...a bit awkward, but the committee did the right thing and voted in favor...
...allowing mothers more freedom to breastfeed longer after giving birth has obvious health benefits for the children. While Congress debates how to balance health care reform and costs, Merkley's amendment also could have economic ripples. According to the press release from the Oregon Democrat's office comes this statistic: "A recent study by the United Breastfeeding Committee found that if half of the babies in the U.S. were exclusively breastfed for six months, we would realize potential savings of up to $14 billion a year in health care costs for childhood illnesses."
Yowza...$14 billion a year in savings!

when he grows up

Recently my youngest, five, told me (and then told my husband a few days later) that when he grows up he wants to "be a dad and make art". Totally makes sense because he will sit for hours and draw, color or paint. One of my other kids overheard and told him he couldn't just be an artist because then he wouldn't make any money. Wow - such complexities from these kids of mine...

My youngest asked me if that was true and if you had to make money. I told him that some artists do make money, that he should try to find a way to do what he loved and still make some money because he might feel sad if he worked only to make money, but since at least some money is necessary, he could always make art, whether that was his paying job or not.

Hey - maybe he could become an attorney and then decide that being an art-making doula suits him more!

20 June 2009

welcome Lola Rosemarie!

My oh my - you were worth the wait - 10lb 5oz! Your momma discovered her voice and sang powerfully throughout her labor with you...
Wish you had been here in time to see the most incredible crescent moon and then the spectacular sky at sunrise...a beautiful day to be born.
I hope your beginner's luck at nursing continues - most impressive!
Welcome, little "peach"!

17 June 2009

Gardasil followup

Not sure of the date of this clip - but it seems like this is an ongoing news story...note that they say this vaccine is safer than most by about 50%...not very comforting in light of the clip.

a nicer mom

Backhanded complement? Hmm...
Last week I overheard my middle son tell my youngest,
"We're lucky we don't have a nicer mom, otherwise our house would get so messy...luckily mom complains all the time for us to put our shoes away and stuff"
Gulp. I DO constantly, err "remind", sometimes LOUDLY, to "take your shoes off why are your backpacks in the middle of the floor turn off the lights feed your hamster close the door turn it down don't eat in there PLEASE flush the toilet wash your hands do your homework take off your muddy socks..." and on and on, over and over. I get so sick of hearing myself nag. I try to assign jobs but no one really seems to take it seriously or keep up consistently, including me...I'm pretty lame at following routines, frankly, and so I totally get that I'm part of the problem (and then there's my husband...oooh boy)

And I get resentful. Ugly thoughts about ungratefulness. Though I try not to use that word because I was often called it as a kid and found it hurtful. But I still think it. Does anyone notice or care that I'm constantly picking up and doing all the things that parents who are mostly at home do? Does anyone appreciate it? Appreciate me? Maybe if I bang around childishly when unloading the dishwasher again, someone will notice and say thanks! Ha. Such a cliche...

So here's my question:
How do you manifest kinder feelings about the mundane tasks around the house? How do you get your families to do what needs to be done without so much haranguing? I have hopes of turning this frown upside down and figuring out a way to get everyone involved so I'm less grumpy and they are better prepared for life. What's working for you?
SOS - please send a lifeline so my kids don't have to give backhanded complements...'cause I prefer them straight up!

15 June 2009

can't imagine

"A supporter of Iran's moderate presidential candidate Mirhossein Mousavi holds a piece of paper that reads "We write Mousavi, they read Ahmadinejad" " -Reuters

over the last few days I have been listening to reports on the election in Iran. Wow. Can you imagine the fury people are feeling at having the sense that their election may have been tampered with/stolen and then discover that texting, cell phone and internet access had been blocked? Rallies have been banned, but people are gathering anyway, in spite of riot police and retaliation.
I keep trying to put myself in their place - what I would have felt like if our election last November had gone differently and then we were denied the ability to connect and express ourselves about it. It is younger, more moderate people who will now feel disenfranchised. Truly horrid.

The good news:
Source: www.npr.org
State television quoted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordering an investigation into allegations of election fraud, marking a stunning turnaround and offering hope to opposition forces protesting the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

13 June 2009

out of the mouth of babes

Today on the way home from a rock climbing birthday party, my three year old neighbor girl, my daughter for the day, was telling my five year old son what a good job he had done climbing (it's true - I think he's actually part monkey - he's such a natural climber). She also told me how "awesome high" I went when I climbed the wall (in cowboy boots - not really the recommended footwear!). So I told her she had also done very well too and she said, "I know, Miss Kim - I already told myself how proud I am of me - you have to tell yourself that!"
I swear - I live next door to Shirley Temple! How cute is that? And true...

birth in the sea

If female nudity or breastfeeding bothers you, don't watch (but I'm thinking if you are here in the first place, you are probably ok with it, right?)...

Though the film is not in english, you can follow and witness an amazing birth. Go to the site of the embedded video is sized wrong.
My understanding is that the birthing woman, Irina Kolosova's, is Russian (her earlier birth also appeared in the film 'Birth as we know it') and came to Israel to deliver in the sea since, at the time, it was too cold to deliver in the Black Sea where her 2 older sons were born. She came with her midwife and family and had this wonderful birth.

11 June 2009

Naegele's Rule shouldn't be - discuss...

OK - I was trying to channel the "Coffee Tawk" lady there with the title, in case you didn't get that.
Most of humanity accepts the notion that we gestate for 40 weeks...but is that really true? Not necessarily.
Check out this article, The Lie of the EDD: Why Your Due Date Isn't when You Think

Here's just a smidge:
...There is one glaring flaw in Naegele's rule. Strictly speaking, a lunar (or synodic - from new moon to new moon) month is actually 29.53 days, which makes 10 lunar months roughly 295 days, a full 15 days longer than the 280 days gestation we've been lead to believe is average. In fact, if left alone, 50-80% of mothers will gestate beyond 40 weeks...

Newer research gives a better estimate:
...To easily calculate this EDD formula, a nullipara would take the LMP, subtract 3 months, then add 15 days. Multiparas start with LMP, subtract 3 months and add 10 days...

And of course there are variations in cycle length & inaccuracies of ultrasound, both of which are discussed. Good stuff & nice to have some facts for clients to discuss with their care providers when needed.

09 June 2009

thinking doula's guide to a fun day

I'm off to a soul-feeding day of birth talk with a small gathering of sister doulas and midwives with author Henci Goer at the home of Debra Pascali-Bonaro. So glad that the babies seem to be waiting it out so that I can go!

08 June 2009

10K pictures

Our "team"
showing off our medals
in all our sweaty glory
before the race - isn't she a hoot?

07 June 2009

10K race report

We did it - 6.2 miles! Pictures to follow tomorrow...but here's a link to the race day video
The first mile was not fun just because it takes time to get into it I guess, and maybe nerves too. Plus we were in the sun running up Central Park West from Columbus Circle (about 61st). Once into the park (around 90th Street) it was less sunny with the trees, but hilly - I thought the whole course was kind of hilly, actually. Miles 2, 3, 4, & 5 were great. My pace is a bit faster than my friend's, so I walked at many points so we could stay together. We took in the sights and I remembered to feel lucky that we live so close to this amazing, beautiful city that I have loved for so long. My friend started to loose steam at maybe mile 4 and I reminded her to eat the special electrolyte jelly beans we had...she pepped back up & finished a few seconds ahead of me. Our other friend finished about 5 minutes before us...and the winner about 51 minutes before her!
The last mile plus, especially the last half mile or so was rough! I think I drank too quickly at the final water station and got a side stitch. I tried the deep exhale (what you are supposed to do), but I felt winded and it pretty much sucked. But there were runners who had finished and were wearing their medals (we all got one!) cheering us on, telling us that the finish line was so close. I was pretty spent when I stepped on that mat. My time was what I thought it would be, with a slightly slower pace than the Mother's Day race but not much considering the extra distance, hills and hotter temperatures. I really can't imagine doing a half marathon, which is something we are talking about for next year...at least I can't imagine it today.
But right now I'm showered, full from the celebratory lunch and good company, sipping a cool drink & relaxing...and it feels pretty good.

06 June 2009

wish me luck

Tomorrow is a 6 mile/"mini" 10K race in Central Park...the original women only race! Check out the cool history here!

05 June 2009

it goes without saying, but...

here's an example from nature that good parents don't have to be bio or straight. Read the sweet story HERE:
A German zoo says a pair of gay male penguins are raising a chick from an egg abandoned by its parents...
... the male birds, named Z and Vielpunkt, are one of three same-sex pairs among the zoo's 20 Humboldt penguins that have attempted to mate...
...The zoo said in a statement on its Web site Thursday that "sex and coupling in our world don't always have something to do with reproduction."

04 June 2009

help a girl out

Friend of a friend - one entertaining minute of your life to help someone out!
Vote here. Don't forget to confirm YES to the email you will be sent directly after voting:

ya got me trippin'

Today my "baby" graduates from Preschool...yesterday was his last real day. How did that happen? Seems like he just started and he has been going to the same cozy place with the same cozy teachers for 3 years. I wasn't planning on having him do anything at 2.5, but a spot was there and it was a way to get our feet in the door at a program that is very small (through the community center) and sought-after. So he began three years ago for about four hours a week in two mornings. The next year was a bit more, maybe seven or eight hours over three days. This year has been every afternoon for three hours and the progress he has made is incredible. At the start of the year his drawing were still "scribble scrabble" and now they are actual people with so much detail, and he can spend hours doing art. He is starting to read a little and I think he's really ready for Kindergarten. But it seems like I was just pregnant with him!
I'm excited by the independence for both of us, but a little weepy too.

03 June 2009

Welcome baby Lewis!

A content and lovely 9lb 4oz, and a nursing champ so far. You kept us waiting but now you are here, healthy & strong, and can have fun with your big brother Winston, and your lovely mom & dad!! Welcome to this world, mister.

02 June 2009

Catwoman meets The Incredibles!

Got measured for and ordered my rental wetsuit for the open water swim part of the triathlon. This was something I was dredding but needed to just get done. I was ready to feel sort of humiliated (envisioning them not having one in my size or something I guess), but it turned out to be no big deal.
Wow...getting it on and off (& on and off, because I tried on two) was quite a workout in and of itself. It was sort of hot and stuffy where I was dressing and so I started to feel the tiniest bit panicky for a spit second. I have worn wetsuits a lot in the past for scuba diving but these are really different - more like surfers wear, I would guess...the zipper is in the back & they are very rubbery looking & stiffer...I felt a little superhero-like...the guy helping me said they are called "Catwoman" style. Meow!

01 June 2009


Tonight after hearing it on a TV commercial, my eight year old said, "Eye Of The Tiger is such a classic song".

murder for a cause?

Regardless of one's views of abortion,the murder of Dr. Tiller, in church no less, is so so sad. A controversial figure for being one of perhaps three physicians in the US willing to provide very late term abortions, he was also a human being.
Family members, including 4 children and 10 grandchildren, issued a statement through Dr. Tiller’s lawyer, which read in part: “George dedicated his life to providing women with high-quality health care despite frequent threats and violence. We ask that he be remembered as a good husband, father and grandfather and a dedicated servant on behalf of the rights of women everywhere.”
This is not the way...people who are pro-choice are NOT pro-abortion. I'm sure this doctor did his job with a heavy heart and now his heart no longer beats because he offered what the law allows in thankfully very rare occasions.