02 June 2009

Catwoman meets The Incredibles!

Got measured for and ordered my rental wetsuit for the open water swim part of the triathlon. This was something I was dredding but needed to just get done. I was ready to feel sort of humiliated (envisioning them not having one in my size or something I guess), but it turned out to be no big deal.
Wow...getting it on and off (& on and off, because I tried on two) was quite a workout in and of itself. It was sort of hot and stuffy where I was dressing and so I started to feel the tiniest bit panicky for a spit second. I have worn wetsuits a lot in the past for scuba diving but these are really different - more like surfers wear, I would guess...the zipper is in the back & they are very rubbery looking & stiffer...I felt a little superhero-like...the guy helping me said they are called "Catwoman" style. Meow!

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