07 June 2009

10K race report

We did it - 6.2 miles! Pictures to follow tomorrow...but here's a link to the race day video
The first mile was not fun just because it takes time to get into it I guess, and maybe nerves too. Plus we were in the sun running up Central Park West from Columbus Circle (about 61st). Once into the park (around 90th Street) it was less sunny with the trees, but hilly - I thought the whole course was kind of hilly, actually. Miles 2, 3, 4, & 5 were great. My pace is a bit faster than my friend's, so I walked at many points so we could stay together. We took in the sights and I remembered to feel lucky that we live so close to this amazing, beautiful city that I have loved for so long. My friend started to loose steam at maybe mile 4 and I reminded her to eat the special electrolyte jelly beans we had...she pepped back up & finished a few seconds ahead of me. Our other friend finished about 5 minutes before us...and the winner about 51 minutes before her!
The last mile plus, especially the last half mile or so was rough! I think I drank too quickly at the final water station and got a side stitch. I tried the deep exhale (what you are supposed to do), but I felt winded and it pretty much sucked. But there were runners who had finished and were wearing their medals (we all got one!) cheering us on, telling us that the finish line was so close. I was pretty spent when I stepped on that mat. My time was what I thought it would be, with a slightly slower pace than the Mother's Day race but not much considering the extra distance, hills and hotter temperatures. I really can't imagine doing a half marathon, which is something we are talking about for next year...at least I can't imagine it today.
But right now I'm showered, full from the celebratory lunch and good company, sipping a cool drink & relaxing...and it feels pretty good.


Elizabeth Gallo said...

you rock.

Anonymous said...

Steve and i both say CONGRATULATIONS!!! we are so impressed!


DoulaMomma said...

thanks, y'all!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Your Mom & I are proud that you are pursuing these ventures in track, fun, fitness, etc. You should be nicely tuned up for the event in September.


Sarah said...

Way to go!! Seriously impressed.