25 June 2010


I always loved feeling my babies kick and wiggle when I was pregnant.
I often tell women in labor, as a reminder to check in with their babies, to pay attention...before long, that baby will be on the outside and those delicious internal movements once felt will be only a memory.

15 June 2010

Welcome Ross Edward III

Born 6/15/10 (Flag Day +1) at 7:39pm, weighing 7lbs 3oz
Named for your proud papa & grandpa.
Worth the very long wait...12 years, 41 weeks and about 25 hours.
You looked right into your momma's eyes as she sang to you. You are so very wanted and loved already by your wonderful parents and fur sibling.
It was an honor to be there when you finally joined us.
By the way, I've never met a baby who calmly flirts moments after birth!
Happy birth day!

14 June 2010

Welcome, Juliette!

I never cease to be awed by the strength of women, including your mom, Juliette! You were born at 6:30 this morning, a wonderful all-natural VBAC, cheered on by your ever-calm dad. A relatively quick and very intense labor followed by some long hours of pushing, but out you came, delicate and beautiful, 7lb 15oz. Congratulations to your parents and your big brother, J.

Happy birthday!

03 June 2010

welcome Hunter Michael!

Born yesterday, 6/2/10, with a head of curly hair and weighing a lovely, if surprising, 9lbs 13oz!

After weeks of contractions, yesterday was the day and you, handsome boy, were born into a family so very full of love, partnership, kindness and strength - it was such a pleasure to witness your parents over the last months and then the final hours leading up to your birth!