27 August 2009

welcome, Sarina Gita!

What a pleasure to hear your momma say that your birth, a triumphant VBAC, was the proudest moment of her life! And deservedly so, given that she had to fight hard for support for this birth and then pushed for three hours after a very long early, then very fast natural labor until your 10lb 2oz, 22.5" body emerged...a joyous day! Your dad supported your mom through those long, frustrating early hours and some intense contractions before I got there...he found just the right way to hold your mom's feet so that she felt safe and secure.
Never doubt how powerful you or your momma are...Welcome to this world, little one!

21 August 2009


if I start to feel nervous about the triathlon I'm doing, I'll think of this (fyi - get a tissue handy)

20 August 2009

and the Darwin award goes to...

the young hipster teen girl riding her skateboard down the slight hill into town, headed for a blind intersection, without a helmet (but with an oh-so-cool ski cap in August), iPod earbuds hanging around her neck, wearing a backpack and *talking on a cell phone*. The cell phone was the kicker for me. How did I get such a good look? I slowed way down in case she hit a bump & fell into my path - she was sort of in the middle of the road.
It occurred to me too late that perhaps I should have pulled over and said, "I know I'm not your mom but I bet your parents would be horrified to see you doing such a dumb, dangerous thing"...I wouldn't mind someone saying that to my kid if he were doing this. I'm sure it wouldn't have been happily received & I know not every parent would want someone to say that to their child.
At least she wasn't texting, I guess.

But I can also recall my own Darwin-worthy days of eating breakfast, adjusting the radio and applying mascara all while driving to high school...I'm sure if cell phones existed I would have been talking on one too...

I wonder how to reach kids and let them know how serious this stuff is...how it's called an accident because you don't plan for it to happen (even if it's foreseeable).

too many interests, too little time

It's been so busy that something's had to give & it's been this blog...I think I'll be able to post more regularly after the triathlon on September 13...coming up soon and still in training! To be continued!...

welcome, Adele!

Though your labor started on your due date of August 18, you decided to be born at 2:19am on August 20 - a long haul for your folks! But once you decided to get serious, you didn't keep us waiting long. How is it that you made every piece of machinery in the place go wacky? I bet you are going to be a powerful woman.
Your momma was so beautifully focused, strong and present and your dad cried tears of joy when he saw you emerge and got to discover and tell us all that you were a girl. How cool that you are rockin' some lovely eyebrows - not all babies are so lucky!
Welcome to this world, Adele - it was an honor to be there, in such a warm environment of trust and peace, when you joined us here.