27 August 2009

welcome, Sarina Gita!

What a pleasure to hear your momma say that your birth, a triumphant VBAC, was the proudest moment of her life! And deservedly so, given that she had to fight hard for support for this birth and then pushed for three hours after a very long early, then very fast natural labor until your 10lb 2oz, 22.5" body emerged...a joyous day! Your dad supported your mom through those long, frustrating early hours and some intense contractions before I got there...he found just the right way to hold your mom's feet so that she felt safe and secure.
Never doubt how powerful you or your momma are...Welcome to this world, little one!


Anonymous said...

The Scotch Plains mommas are a force to be reckoned with!

sap said...

I could not have gotten through the birth without your help Kim- you were amazing and such a wonderful source of encouragement and support. Thank you for being part of Sarina's birth and for helping me have the experience I wanted with this birth!


DoulaMomma said...

It was all you, Sapna - all you - you rocked!

sap said...

I still think it was my suportive birth team that got me through! Thanks Kim! :)