10 September 2009

Welcome babies!!

OK - bad slacker doula...I'm behind in announcing some adorable new world members!

Welcome baby Ishan...your amazing momma did most of her labor without realizing it, finding the right people to help and being super open but not in labor yet. But once things started it was fast & furious and you were ready...and what a strapping guy you are, born to a rock star momma! Enjoy, my baby friend!

Welcome baby Christopher. And what better way to spend Labor Day than at a labor! The doctor predicted 6am the next morning but I thought you would come quickly once we got going and Labor Day was your birthday after all! You are born to parents very committed to doing all it takes to do what they know is right for them and you and that's a great thing...your momma was amazing and your daddy was watching over you both every second. Enjoy this world, Christopher!

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