16 September 2009

Welcome baby Ruby!

Good things come to those who wait - and wait we did!
Born this afternoon, at almost 42 weeks, 7 lbs 12 oz and a beautiful girly girl!

Ruby - thank you for choosing today and allowing me to be at your birth!

Your momma's hard work and preparation paid off - she was so incredibly relaxed and worked so hard but made it look easy as she sang you into the world. Both your folks were filled with fun and laughter...what a gift to be born into so much joy! Even your doggy sister seemed excited today and I know she, too, will give you many kisses.

Enjoy this big, amazing world Ruby!

PS: This evening I happened to see the other Ruby I know...I was at her birth too and now she's in first grade (!) - she thought it was neat that you were born today!


Nanda Mama said...

You make me want to do this again!

DoulaMomma said...

what's one more?! ;-)