31 December 2011

Happy last day of 2011!

I'm waiting on a baby and enjoying family and friend time as this year closes and another opens...
I was always told that how you spend New Year's Day is important, for it is the foundation of how you will spend the whole year. I like to put the same mindfulness into the last day of the year too:
thinking, "this is the last time I will do ___ for the year"...whether it's making coffee or making the bed, I like paying attention to the little things & enjoying them...we will never have *this* day again.

Happy Old Year & Happy New Year!

*I don't know who took this picture - it's floating around Facebook...thanks to whomever!

belated welcome to Elizabeth Maclay!

Born December 22 at 5:30pm, after a super long labor...Elizabeth, your heroic mom worked so hard while you were making your way into this world and your daddy was right there every minute using all his muscles to help your momma as she labored. 9 pounds, 1oz and is over 21 inches long - nice! So glad you made it home in time for Christmas - what a nice gift, made even nicer for the fact that you are named in honor of your great grandmother. Welcome!

18 December 2011

Welcome Andrew Simon!

Born today at 11:34am after another fairly quick, intense labor. Your strong, brave momma got to the hospital at 9cm less than an hour before you were born. And your water broke at 11:11 - that's got to be lucky, right? And once again, your daddy knew just the right way to press on her back. Everyone was so excited to meet you - even the midwife rushed over on her day off and got there just in time. I think you are going to be an acrobat - time will tell.
You are perfect at 8lb 1oz and there is some talk of dimples! You will soon discover that your big brother is super cool - a total glass-half-full kind of person who, I'm sure, is super excited to meet you.


17 December 2011

Welcome Joseph Ajay

Born this morning at 3:22am after a brief, intense labor (no time for that tub) by lantern and Christmas tree lights*. Only three contractions of pushing and you were born, nibbling the doctor's finger while entering the world! There is a picture of your mom smiling peacefully just before you were born because she knew it was time to meet you. She is a rock star!

Your proud poppa knew just how to do the hip squeeze your momma needed and was calm and right there every minute. Your grandma got to kiss your toes when you were only moments old.

You are a nursing champ, making your momma (a newly minter La Leche League leader!!) so happy.

What a big, beuatiful boy, 9lb 3oz, with lots of black hair and eyebrows. Your big sisters are going to love you so!

*the hospital was testing it's backup generator, so most of the power was off.