11 April 2012

missive from Mount Washmore...

It's laundry time again...but when is it not?

I was just cheered by a devious thought: I could declare unmatched SOCK BANKRUPTCY...just toss them all away or donate them to some worthy sock puppet maker and be done with it.

But first, some questions:
How do my children get so many holes in their socks?
And that age-old conundrum, where the hell do all the missing socks go? Maybe they are all under couches and kid beds from hasty room clean ups after I've yelled and threatened?

I usually put my own socks (just my own, alas) in a bag so they don't get lost. But I slacked on this lately and have paid the price...I'm missing two favorites. sigh. I hate laundry and I hate missing socks.

I just keep reminding myself how freaking easy I have it since I don't have to haul all our dirty clothes and linens to a laundromat or hand wash them in a river of questionable cleanliness or whatever.

But back to sock bankruptcy...is everyone else already doing this except me? Anyone willing to join me?

*I didn't make this sock puppet

05 April 2012

telling on yourself

Lucky for me, my oldest son has a "tell"...he does something with his face when he's not being, shall we say, completely honest. I've told him this but not what the sign is...I'm not stupid! Interestingly, my husband gets almost the same expression when he's being a bit dishonest.

If you would like to know some of the signs that your kid, or anyone, may be hiding something, check out 10 Physical Signs a Child is Lying to You

*for info on the Pinnochio image above, look here