11 April 2012

missive from Mount Washmore...

It's laundry time again...but when is it not?

I was just cheered by a devious thought: I could declare unmatched SOCK BANKRUPTCY...just toss them all away or donate them to some worthy sock puppet maker and be done with it.

But first, some questions:
How do my children get so many holes in their socks?
And that age-old conundrum, where the hell do all the missing socks go? Maybe they are all under couches and kid beds from hasty room clean ups after I've yelled and threatened?

I usually put my own socks (just my own, alas) in a bag so they don't get lost. But I slacked on this lately and have paid the price...I'm missing two favorites. sigh. I hate laundry and I hate missing socks.

I just keep reminding myself how freaking easy I have it since I don't have to haul all our dirty clothes and linens to a laundromat or hand wash them in a river of questionable cleanliness or whatever.

But back to sock bankruptcy...is everyone else already doing this except me? Anyone willing to join me?

*I didn't make this sock puppet

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