02 May 2012

W.H.A.L.E: We Have A Little Emergency

A discussion about making sure your kids have contact info on them in case they get lost made me remember  this program...I used it when my kids were littler and in car seats...it was both horrible to think about the need to use the information and also comforting to know the information was there if needed.

I always write my cell in their backpacks, jackets, lunch boxes etc. rather than their name and address/home phone for obvious reasons...

As for ideas about arming your little kids with your contact information when they are too young to remember it and will be out and about in big, public places (like field trips, travel...), here are some of the suggestions I heard:

  • get dog tags made up with parents' names and cells, to be worn under shirt and shown only to another mom or person in uniform if lost
  • put your business card in their pocket/sock etc.
  • write on their belly
  • get personalized temporary tattoos made up for special outings
Another suggestion I picked up: when they are getting to the point of being old enough to be able to remember a phone number, teach them to sing it...they may recall it more easily that way.

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Holly said...

Thanks for this! We're traveling soon, and I hadn't even thought of doing something like this.