14 September 2009

Have you hugged...

your massage therapist today? I have!
Today, as a post-triathlon (more on that later) treat, I booked a massage with my friend Sue Rexford. Sue did the tri also - in fact, she was the one who suggested I do it (as well as a boatload of other women), so it seemed appropriate to spend part of today with her.

I have seen her for massage a few times along the way during training and I really think it helped me avoid injuries and I know she helped me run the 10k in June. Not sure, but I think she has some special training in sports massage, as well as prenatal/postpartum and good old everyone.

Today I went to her brand new space and had the most sublime time. The new digs are sunny, calm & relaxing (no worries - the scented eye pillow made it instantly dark). Sue just knows where things hurt and finds the spots I didn't even know were bothering me. My pregnant & postpartum clients have also had this experience with her - a wonderful intuition about the body entrusted into her amazing hands.

So if you're local & this entry has sparked an interest in looking Sue up, you can get in touch with her at her new studio,
Bodhi Tree
75 South Orange Avenue
suite 211
South Orange, NJ

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