20 August 2009

and the Darwin award goes to...

the young hipster teen girl riding her skateboard down the slight hill into town, headed for a blind intersection, without a helmet (but with an oh-so-cool ski cap in August), iPod earbuds hanging around her neck, wearing a backpack and *talking on a cell phone*. The cell phone was the kicker for me. How did I get such a good look? I slowed way down in case she hit a bump & fell into my path - she was sort of in the middle of the road.
It occurred to me too late that perhaps I should have pulled over and said, "I know I'm not your mom but I bet your parents would be horrified to see you doing such a dumb, dangerous thing"...I wouldn't mind someone saying that to my kid if he were doing this. I'm sure it wouldn't have been happily received & I know not every parent would want someone to say that to their child.
At least she wasn't texting, I guess.

But I can also recall my own Darwin-worthy days of eating breakfast, adjusting the radio and applying mascara all while driving to high school...I'm sure if cell phones existed I would have been talking on one too...

I wonder how to reach kids and let them know how serious this stuff is...how it's called an accident because you don't plan for it to happen (even if it's foreseeable).

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