20 August 2009

welcome, Adele!

Though your labor started on your due date of August 18, you decided to be born at 2:19am on August 20 - a long haul for your folks! But once you decided to get serious, you didn't keep us waiting long. How is it that you made every piece of machinery in the place go wacky? I bet you are going to be a powerful woman.
Your momma was so beautifully focused, strong and present and your dad cried tears of joy when he saw you emerge and got to discover and tell us all that you were a girl. How cool that you are rockin' some lovely eyebrows - not all babies are so lucky!
Welcome to this world, Adele - it was an honor to be there, in such a warm environment of trust and peace, when you joined us here.


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for helping us through it.
Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

I do believe "Adele" means "powerful woman". Thank you for providing Mom, Dad, and Adele with such an enriching experience.
Auntie P