15 June 2010

Welcome Ross Edward III

Born 6/15/10 (Flag Day +1) at 7:39pm, weighing 7lbs 3oz
Named for your proud papa & grandpa.
Worth the very long wait...12 years, 41 weeks and about 25 hours.
You looked right into your momma's eyes as she sang to you. You are so very wanted and loved already by your wonderful parents and fur sibling.
It was an honor to be there when you finally joined us.
By the way, I've never met a baby who calmly flirts moments after birth!
Happy birth day!


jiaoliang said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that...with our baby's birth just weeks away, I truly treasure your comments. I only hope the people that will surround me during that time will be as wise and beautiful as you, Kim.

Sending Blessings,
Michele from Boston

DoulaMomma said...

Even though I won't be with you, I would love to be able to announce the birth of your babe & the birth of you as a new momma when the time is right! Sending warm wishes for some more gestating & a lovely birth!!