24 June 2009

when he grows up

Recently my youngest, five, told me (and then told my husband a few days later) that when he grows up he wants to "be a dad and make art". Totally makes sense because he will sit for hours and draw, color or paint. One of my other kids overheard and told him he couldn't just be an artist because then he wouldn't make any money. Wow - such complexities from these kids of mine...

My youngest asked me if that was true and if you had to make money. I told him that some artists do make money, that he should try to find a way to do what he loved and still make some money because he might feel sad if he worked only to make money, but since at least some money is necessary, he could always make art, whether that was his paying job or not.

Hey - maybe he could become an attorney and then decide that being an art-making doula suits him more!


Sarah said...

I love these conversations w/ kids! The how + why of it all... Leah wants to be a teacher when she grows up because she "likes their outfits." Huh?

DoulaMomma said...

love it! someone posted to this on facebook that her daughter said she wanted to be a "bean counter" - ha!