18 June 2012

I could use some help over here!

My thought for the day as I plan to attend another damn Board of Education meeting tonight and make plans to go to hearings over the summer about two great teachers denied tenure, oh and try to help people have the births they want to have whenever possible:

History is filled with situations where most people shrugged their shoulders and said, "what can we do? it is the way it is" about any number of things...while others persevered on pushing the proverbial boulder up the damn hill...and eventually things changed.

If each of us is not willing to stand up and speak out when we see something we don't like being done by a power structure, then nothing will ever change.

I think it's getting to be about time for some "Speak truth to power" and "Power to the people"

I am Sisyphus - are you? 'cause this boulder is too heavy to move it by myself. ;-)  Join me - it will even be fun - I'll bring the iced coffee.