10 December 2012

"Dying To Have A Child": We're #50

"We're No. 50!" is not a cheer anyone sane would shout and I bet it surprises most Americans when they learn our abysmal maternal mortality statistics, a huge indicator of overall well-being of any country.  We have clearly surpassed the critical mass sweet spot where interventions help more than they hurt...this is unacceptable and we MUST reexamine our way of doing birth otherwise, as the chart shows, we must contemplate the other thing we don't do so well in this country...death. This was taken from Huffington Post wit facts fro the CDC

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Green Mama said...

Hello, fellow doula here. Love, love, LOVE your blog!!! Indeed, seeing these types of statistics are so heart-wrenching, especially in a country where we should know better. It's absurd.