03 September 2013

full hands

This morning I read a wonderful piece on Huffington Post talking about how we are all supermoms, regardless of how many children we have or the challenges we face, but also that none of us is since "supermom" is a myth.  The point was that we are all generally working at capacity, since capacity is relative.  We all have full hands most days.

Then I went to the supermarket and saw a mom with a very pregnant belly and many children...four or five?  I thought, "man - she's busy - she must be going nuts"...but I was humbled by her mothering.  She was patient and seemed unfazed as her children (very politely) whirled around her.  She didn't micromanage (as I might have) and simply shopped while they all took turns weighing the produce and giggling.  She let them choose some items and sweetly said no to others.  She was about a zillion times calmer than I would have been, I'm sure of it.  My initial reaction to her and her large family said more about me than about her, that's for sure.  Her hands are full and so are mine and so are moms with one child...we all do what we can.  Next time I'm shopping with my kids, I'm going to try and remember this family and see if I can't channel a little of her zen-momma mojo.  And acknowledge that if I don't quite manage, I will at least do the best I can...which is all I ask of myself.

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