31 December 2009

profound, beautiful and sad

I heard an amazing story on NPR, "Capturing The Brief Life And Death Of An Infant", from the Obituary Project: Lives Of The Unnoticed.
December 30, 2009 Joanna Blum and Ashley Hutcheson talk about their extraordinary meeting to record the life and passing of Baruch Levi Blum. On Dec. 1, Blum gave birth to Baruch Levi. He weighed 2 pounds, 11 ounces. He lived about 10 minutes. Hutcheson, a photographer, was there to document his birth.

This is obviously sad, and I hesitated to post it but am doing so because I think it's also important to honor passages and there is much to be learned. I have been in that photographer's place and it is powerful and difficult, but ultimately so wonderful for the family to have something of their baby's time on earth.

If you are pregnant, especially, please do think about weather it makes sense for you to listen. You'll know in your gut if it's ok for you.


Angela said...

What an touching and powerful story. Is there an organization like that here, with volunteer photographers to capture births like these?

DoulaMomma said...

Not sure, Angela. But most hospitals have volunteers who knit special things for the babies and provide memory boxes for a lock of hair, foot prints and photos. Sometimes these are made and kept, even if the family doesn't want them initially, in case they regret the decision and wish they had something. Fortunately it's a topic I have not had to research often. The NPR piece does mention a group & perhaps they have info? I bet hospice groups arrange similar, if desired.

dafna said...

I belive this experirence have matured me in many ways and baruch levi blum will always be in my heart.

love his older sister, dafna

DoulaMomma. said...

Thank you, Dafna. What a blessing. Peace to you and your family.