01 January 2010

harder, better, faster, stronger

We just returned from our family ski trip. My oldest, 12, is a great skier and now snowboarder - he started at 4. My middle son, nearly 9 and not yet crossed over to the board side, is now flying over high ramps and sliding rails - he started at 3. My youngest, 5.5, made the biggest strides and graduated from the Magic Carpet up a baby hill to the rope tow to the lifts and even did some intermediate terrain - he started at 2 but took last year off. They all have a need for speed...I think they have that thrill-seeking gene.

I started as an adult in my late twenties. I didn't have the benefit of childhood fearlessness. I always skied very conservatively (read SLOWLY)! I thought I was in decent shape but until this year with the triathlon training and major slimming down, I was not. I used to sweat and huff and puff and felt sore and achy; I assumed this was just part of skiing and still loved it. But this year was amazing...I was truly a better skier and it all seemed effortless. I could ski more aggressively, mostly keep up with my oldest two kids, have much better form and I was never sore. My feet used to cramp from squeezing so much, out of stress and fear I think...no longer.

But the biggest revelation came on the last day, when I was once again waiting for my dad (whom we introduced to skiing the year after we started) and my husband to catch up.

I was waiting for them!

For all the years we have been skiing, they always waited for me, stopped for me, asked me if I wanted a rest. Amazing the difference a year makes. When my dad caught up, I thanked him for his patience all these years. It was a bit bittersweet, like a passing of the torch, but I'm cutting the guy some slack - he did have open-heart surgery eight months ago, so I may have to up my game next year if I want to beat him down the mountain.

So on this first day of a new year, a new decade, I will appreciate that today is truly the first day of the rest of my life. It feels good.

Happy new year!


Nanda Mama said...

Yea! You are truly one of the most beautiful and amazing people I have had the privilege of meeting. You inspire me to my toes Mama! Happy New Year!

DoulaMomma. said...

right back atcha, Nanda Mama!! smooches!