24 March 2010

a perfect storm - two babies born

It NEVER happens - except when it does. It seems like it's about every 3 or 4 years or so that two clients are in labor at once...I'm pretty sure it takes years off my life when I go through this. Luckily, my amazing friend & colleague, Gayle, had my back (and my client's, literally!)

Two Babies, in Two States, in One Day!
(and not even one missed night of sleep - go figure!)

Early this morning I headed into NYC and by the afternoon, I got to witness the birth of Eliza May...a beauty, 6lb 3oz and "sunny side up"! This was extra special because I was at the birth of her big brother just 16 months ago...and the proud papa is a friend from high school. Congrats to L & W, blessings on your healthy babies - here's to two under two!

and then I raced back to NJ at the start of rush hour (fortunately the traffic gods were with me!) and joined my lovely clients at an already-in-progress labor...so we were then parents, two doulas, a midwife and a nurse. But wow - this daddy did such a super job that it was a pleasure to watch...not to mention the momma, who was amazing too! Welcome, Eliot Cooper, 6lb 8oz & amazingly handsome, who charged into the world with an arm leading the way!

Congrats to all the grandparents who were there to welcome their new grandbabies at both these births!

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