07 March 2010

Welcome, baby Madeline!

What a smart girl - you figured out how to turn (from posterior) completely in order to be born after only a very short time of pushing by your amazing mom.
6lb 4oz and 18" long...you're a petite girl, like your mommy & like you kitty sister, Katie. Katie was a fantastic cat doula, so protective and intuitive, by the way!
Congrats to you and your lovely mom & dad...happy birthday, little one.


The Queen Herself said...

yay! I love that you do this! Congrats to your mama! Welcome that new little baby!

DoulaMomma said...

Thanks, your royal momness! ;-)

D&J said...

Thanks for all your help! We're so glad you were a part of this amazing experience.
Julie, Darren and Maddie
P.S. Katie can be made available as a side kick as needed.

DoulaMomma said...

Can you imagine? Kim+Katie Kitty Doulas Extraordinaire! ;-)