24 January 2011

snippet of motherhood: technology and parenting

Today was a nutty day. I was just about to pick my oldest up from school early for an appointment when the school nurse for the youngest called saying he seemed fine but had come back for a second time today saying it hurt to swallow. No fever, good mood, just a red throat. So I scooped him up and made an appointment with the pediatrician just to rule out strep, which has been making the rounds amongst our friends. I called the middle son's school to send a message to him not to wait for his little brother and to come on home.

So now my youngest is with me to get his oldest brother at school and take him to the eye doctor. Diagnosis: quite nearsighted! He's a boy who knows what he likes and he didn't like the glasses the eye doctor had to offer. I've learned my lesson about strong-arming him into accepting things he doesn't really like/want...So we squeezed in a quick trip to a cooler glasses place and found a perfect pair (ca-ching!)...then we dropped him (oldest) at dentist and raced to the pediatrician who was not able to rule out strep because, in spite of him seeming well and not even looking like strep, he actually has a very bad case. Sigh...pick up oldest at dentist, head to pharmacy to drop Rx, head to market to buy groceries while waiting for prescription (since we will be home bound tomorrow - which reminds me, must call school and report strep & absence tomorrow...). Then picked up medicine and a few little treats and soup.

So what does this have to do with technology? Well, to keep him occupied at the eye doctor and again while waiting for the pediatrician, I allowed my youngest to play a game (Fruit Ninja? I guess my oldest loaded it because I sure didn't) on my iPad and now he's obsessed with wanting to play with it again. Here was his attempt:

him: "Mom - I was just talking with your old laptop...he's lonely. He really misses you. Maybe you should spend some time with him instead of your iPad tonight!"

me: "I don't think my laptop is a boy".

Crafty boy...I may just let him play with it as a reward for his creativity!

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Anonymous said...

He apparently has good genes for coming up with that tack (sounds like something I might have tried in my youth--but never now...) to gain access to the iPad. Sorry to hear about the nearsightedness in L. I see lasik in your future.
Love to all, Dad