02 February 2011

happy groundhog day!

I love that my doula (now midwife) from my first birth (that son is now 13) sends out Groundhog Day greetings...and that I'm still on the list...
This was the first year they were not handmade little cards...technology does make staying in touch so much easier though - I don't blame her. It's just a happy little reminder of just about the biggest event in my life...the experience helped shape me and is, in large part, why I do what I do now. Thanks Chris!

The picture she included is the one at the top & here's the quote:

As the light grows longer The cold grows stronger If Candlemas be fair and bright Winter will have another flight If Candlemas be cloud and rain Winter will be gone and not come again A farmer should on Candlemas day Have half his corn and half his hay On Candlemas day if thorns hang a drop You can be sure of a good pea crop –

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