23 April 2011

Welcome Townes Danger

That's right, just like his professional dare devil daddy (figuratively), Danger is his middle name (literally)! Love it!

I'm a bit belated because of other laboring mommas, but Townes joined us earth-side on Wednesday, April 20 at 10:36pm and weighed 9pm 14oz, 22" long with some serious hands on him...in short, he's perfect!

Townes, what a rockin birth you had! Family galore from far and wide and jokes and stories that even the doctor took part in. Let's just say it's good that you weren't a girl named Mary Jane! Your momma was so strong and determined and your daddy was right there every step of the way doing just what was needed. The "Push Power Mix" didn't hurt either..."Eye Of The Tiger" to inspire and "Home" with your youngest auntie singing along to call you here. Your parents were such a pleasure that nurses and residents and medical students all wanted to help you get here. Because of your birth, there is one young doctor who may be changing his specialty to obstetrics...I saw him on his way out that night and he was walking on clouds...you helped do that - your birth may make it better for countless babies and mommas in the future.

I can only imagine how fun life is going to be for you because your parents are filled with joy and you have an abundance of aunts, family and friends who are going to surround you with even more love...and really, really good pizza.

Welcome, big boy. I don't know if the world is ready for you but I know you are ready for it. Big hugs to all. XO


The Tim & Jody Hybrid Human Experiment said...

Kim Collins you are incredible and I truly cannot sing your praises enough!! I pride myself on not being the type of person that carelessly throws compliments around when they are not merited. Someone has to truly reach the highest of expectations and then some for me to go out of my way to praise them wholeheartedly. I like my words to carry weight so that they fulfill their truest meaning when I use them and aren't watered down by over usage.

With that being said....I can easily say that you were nothing short of amazing. You were such an important component to our birthing experience and in all honesty absolutely integral to the whole process. Thank you for everything...both before, during, and after the birth.

I'm exhausted at the moment but will be writing about you on our blog very soon. I will send a link once I have a moment to write it all up. Thank you again for everything and please feel free to call upon us for anything that we can do for you and/or your family.

We Love you and have been telling everyone just how great you were and are.

Love Tim and Jody!!!

P.S. The little man is perfect and we are transitioning pretty perfectly to life at home with our new miniature roommate.

DoulaMomma said...

i heart you guys too!