28 April 2011

Welcom Vivian Claire

What an honor to share my birthday with such a beauty! Vivian Claire swam into this side of the world today at 1:35pm weighing 8lb, with perfect eyebrows and the ability to make labor monitors stop working, just like her big sister!

Vivian, after a slow but consistent start to labor through the night, your momma was a rockstar! ...a fun, leisurely morning at home with a pre-storm breeze blowing through the open windows and lovely music playing, old-school, on the turntable. Then a drive through a crazy storm - your momma said she was born during a huge storm as well. She was almost ready to push by the time we got to the hospital, leaving just enough time for the tub to fill. Three pushes and you were out, winking at us. Your daddy cut the cord and never left your momma's side. I think you will always be the youngest in your family, but I wouldn't mind if your folks had about 10 more babies because they are so wonderful!

Best birthday ever! ...happy birth day to you! xoxo

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