30 November 2011

snippet of motherhood: makes my heart melt

Bananas with brown spots...no one around here wants to eat them that way. They usually go into the freezer for smoothies or future baking. Today, however, I decided to seize a rare moment of quiet and see if my middle kid wanted to learn how to make banana bread.

I'm sure they would figure this kind of stuff out if they need to, but I want to know that they will be men who have a few cooking techniques under their belts and can properly fold fitted sheets and any of the other stuff I feel compelled to show them...

As we were cooking, he said something that made me so glad,

"Mom - did you ever notice that food cooked at home tastes so much better than any other food you can buy?"

This from my non-eater. I love that kid, and I'm glad he gets the value of home cooked food...at least food containing chocolate.


Asha S said...

i thought the way to fold fitted sheets was to stuff them into a ball and hide them in the back of the closet.

btw, yummy looking banana bread.

DoulaMomma said...

Well of course, Asha...that's what I'm teaching them! ;-)