15 February 2012

birth stories sought for a book...

Just passing this along...I know nothing about the editor/author collecting these stories. I'm assuming that although "husband" language is used, any partner is welcome to submit his or her story...

Have you ever thought about writing and sharing your birth story? Birth stories from all women, including minority and/or immigrant women, and the voice of midwives and doulas are wanted for a book about birth stories from the perspective of the midwife, doula, and mother. If fathers want to write about the birth experience as a result of supporting and witnessing their wife's birth, they are welcome as well. All birth stories will be accepted regardless of the outcome. For example, still born birth stories. Share your birth story and email it to me.

For more info, contact
yao.doula@gmail.com. You may send your story in English or Spanish. The first draft is due by March 31st, 2012. Please help spread the word. Thank you!

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