14 February 2012

cesarean rates: NJ, NY & the nation

Do you know the cesarean rate of the hospital in which you intend to birth? Here are the stats for NJ and for NY. And if you click on the state link at the right side of the hospital break out stats, there is a bar chart covering 20 years of stats and a list of which hospitals support VBAC - very helpful information.

NJ folks, NJ's cesarean rate is among the highest in the nation - looks like we lost the dubious distinction of being number one to LA last year; NY is not far behind.

While it's great news that there was a measurable decline in cesareans from 2009 to 2010 (according to most recent stats available and thought to be because fewer teens, who are at high risk for cesarean, are giving birth), it's still way too high. Childbirth Connection (a wonderful resource, if you don't already know it) notes that,
The best outcomes for mothers and babies appear to occur with cesarean section rates of 5% to 10%. Rates above 15% seem to do more harm than good (Althabe and Belizan 2006)

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