03 February 2010

Birth Trauma

There are women who experience all the things shown in this montage and do not feel trauma - bless you!...but there are many who do carry this trauma with them into motherhood. Many times women are told just to be grateful that they have a healthy baby, end of story. But if your joy is tempered with anger or sadness, please find someone to tell. Process your feelings so that you can move beyond them. Just like labor, these feelings might be intense or messy or not what you expected, but there you are and the only way beyond is through. Be gentle with yourself, go at your own pace, knowing that there are people who care and can help. Solace For Mothers is one such resource.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! As I approach my second trimenster and thoughts that this is finally REAL, I am starting to think more and more about the birth. I appreciate the insight. Shell http://romancingthestone.wordpress.com

motherlove said...

Thanks for posting this video. It's a powerful little glimpse into that horrid place where 19th century medicine, media, and marketing has taken us--and as all women the world over who make it through and soldier on...there is a message of hope.
Having lived both an emergency c-section and a peaceful home birth...I appreciate your efforts and am looking forward to reading this blog more.