10 February 2010

Gimme Shelter

Help needed for pregnant & birthing women in Haiti, c/o midwife Robin Lim's organization, bumi sehat haiti. Something tangible we can do to help!
Please share...

Dear All: We are holding a tent drive for
our pregnant and birthing Mothers who are
living in rubble and need a dry shelter.
In order to make the ship that is leaving
New Orleans we need these tents shipped to
the to locations below within the next week.
We are looking for tents of all sizes that
are water proof and have a rain shield
protection. In addition, if possible include
a tarp to go with these tents for additional
rain protection. We will shrink wrap and put
these tents on a palate to get to Jacmel
via boat.

Locations to ship tents:

West Coast:Penny Tyrrell
c/o Bumi Sehat Haiti-Tent Drive 93 North Polk
Eugene, OR 97402

East Coast: Andre Gillis
c/o Bumi Sheat Haiti-Tent Drive
417 North Front Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Midwest people please mail to the East Coast.
Please share this information with as many
people as you know and provide them the
shipping information.
Thank you for your support. This drive
will continue well beyond the week time
frame so continue to send tents as they
become available.

Thank you, Heather Maurer
Director of LogisticsBumi Sehat Haiti

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DoulaMomma said...

...there is a consortium of relief organizations in New Orleans who would like to help...they are trying to get in touch, but are unsure where to turn...
please reach out to niki@bajoulibertyrelief.org or call me for a contact number for Niki.
Niki works with Plenty, The Farm's relief arm ie. Ina May Gaskin & other Farm midwives...small world!