16 April 2010

so bad/so good

I'm going through a breakup. With Diet Coke. We can still be friends & see each other sometimes, maybe out in public, but no more living together.

We've been together for a LONG time, sometimes in a really unhealthy way, spending way too much time together and to the exclusion of healthier beverage choices. Diet Coke, for me, is like that bad-boy boyfriend. The one who is super hot but just not good for you. You know in your head you should move on, but that tingle in the back of your throat, that satisfying sound when you pop open a can (I always tap it with my nails first, don't know why) - it's hard to give up. And European Coca-Cola Lite - amazing (must be the accent!). Being from the south, where we like our drinks cold, DC is the way I've often started my day - I know, I know - try not to think less of me.

I was set up today by my new friend Heather with Zevia (made with stevia)...solid marriage material I suppose, though a bit like Tab (with whom I had only a brief fling)...but I don't know if it will be the same. Gotta try to preserve the brain cells I have left though, so it looks like it's me a Steve, I mean Zevia. Or maybe I'll just drink more coffee.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, girl. I know kickin' that hot bad boy to the curb is no easy feat. But you can do it! Of course you can. :)

Just found your blog and am excited to be here. Me and the hubs are going to start trying for our first baby in the fall, and I am intensely set on a natural childbirth, IN HOME. I'm eager to learn all I can from ya! :)