11 March 2011

snippet of motherhood: surgery eve

So tomorrow my youngest, 6, will go in and have his tonsils and adenoids removed. Removed. I find I'm a tiny bit disturbed that a tiny bit of my baby will be cut out and thrown away...they are parts that are no longer serving him well, but they are still little bits of his body. And the anesthesia...oy.
Gonna be a long day.


Mel said...

Kim~ My thoughts are with you. Maybe you can save the tonsils and bury them under a tree :)
Its amazing how resilient kids are and how we are affected way more than them most of the time! :) Big hugs and love coming your way!

Marianne said...

Be sure to take an audio recording of his voice because it can change from the surgery. That is the only thing I remember from having it done at the same age. Good luck to you both!

Deborah said...

you're only two days away from looking back. good luck getting through!