10 March 2011

welcome, Devin Michel

This 8lb 4 oz baby boy was born last night (March 9, 2011, and I am recovered after his long, long labor and birth!) after his momma literally wiggled him out - coolest thing ever!! Congrats to this family - boy, did we laugh in spite of the days of on and off labor and then the aforementioned long labor and birth...Devin, your fine parents never lost their senses of humor and wonder...and I think those are some pretty good qualities for parents!!

By the way, beautiful boy...I don't expect you'll remember, but we had a moment, you and I. You looked right into my eyes and held them for a bit and it made me cry...I don't cry at every birth and I didn't even cry when you were born - this was after. The enormity of being there and staring into the eyes of a baby who is only a few minutes old but looking so very wise reminded me how lucky I am to do what I do, so thank you for that.


ps: tell your momma to start playing the oboe again...she got lots of practice showing us how it's done! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Kim, We cannot thank you enough for all your help and support through that very (very!) long labor. Devin is doing wonderfully, and we look forward to sharing his smiles with you soon! Much love, Maryann and Sean