30 May 2009

another dragon slayed

After spin class this morning I still felt like riding and yet needed to go to a kid baseball game in the neighboring town. I have thus far avoided riding my bike on regular streets (I encounter the occasional car in the park where I ride, but it's not a proper street) because the thought sort of panicked me, quite frankly! But I want to get comfortable rode biking...so today I gathered my courage & rode the few miles to the game. I realized half way there that I did not know the traffic hand signals (I do now!) and was not carrying any ID (just my cell phone)...dumb move, just in case, so lesson learned. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit proud to have mostly overcome my fear and figured out a route that's not too downhill or uphill, is pretty and is fairly safe...and so fast (& green!)! I also realized how much cars are not really thinking about people on bikes...I always try to give space/deference to riders and pedestrians, but will even more so now. I also made sure to give the "thanks" wave for positive reinforcement to cars who were nice & let me go/gave me space...

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