17 May 2009

crazy, just crazy

Yesterday I was nearly cut off by a big SUV who was aggressively trying to pull into very heavy traffic at a notoriously dangerous little stretch of busy road...they ended up behind me. I glanced in the mirror & then did a double take...it looked like two sets of hand on the wheel, one adult & one child. But I was sure I must be seeing things, right?! The windows were lightly tinted, but it it really looked like a child on the driver's lap.
The SUV pulled onto the interstate behind me, so I moved over but slowed down enough to let them catch up beside me - sure enough, a baby less than two was sitting on the driver's lap, "helping" steer. My heart sank & then raced. I called 911 (hand's free) and reported it, something I've never done before.
Who in the world would do something like that? So stunningly nuts and sad.


Laurie said...

So glad you reported it and I hope a big mean cop/parent pulled them over further down the road. What an idiot!!! Unfathomable.

Elizabeth Gallo said...

WHAAAAAT???!!! Where was this?

DoulaMomma said...

starting on vauxhall by gas stations & then onto 78E

Sarah said...

holy crap. so sad! i feel for that child, whose parent/s may have other, uh, "parenting mishaps" goin' on. not to mention the other people affected by said mishaps. :(