29 May 2009

Laboring under an Illusion

The film by this name, subtitled "Mass Media Childbirth vs. The Real Thing" looks amazing - check out the film trailer. I'm always telling people that contrary to birth they have seen on TV, most likely their labor will not start with their water breaking & their kid born within 23 minutes, minus commercial breaks. And they will probably not curse like a sailor if they don't usually.

Anyway - it looks fantastic!

Here's the blurb:

Anthropologist Vicki Elson explores media-generated myths about childbirth. As a childbirth educator for 25 years, she observes daily how our culture affects our birth experiences. In this film, she contrasts fiction with reality. The result is hilarious, engaging, and enlightening.

"To understand what it's really like to have a baby, we have to debunk the silly and scary images served up by the profit-driven media. In reality, birth is hard work, sometimes simple, sometimes complicated, but always miraculous and unforgettable."

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