01 May 2009

Your Best Birth

The new book by Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein, of The Business of Being Born (which can now be rented for 24 hours online), is available as of today and Ricki & Abby appeared on The Today Show to discuss it.

Ricki also told her birth stories & how she came to be doing the fabulous work she is doing (with Abby Epstein) in the birth world on the Today Show website...well worth the read!


fearlesschef said...

I just happened to flip on the tv to this segment this morning as I was checking email and such. So timely since right now I am in my own Bradley class and I just gave a whole bunch of materials to a friend who is due 4 weeks behind me. My husband tells everyone about the business of being born... I should get this book now!

DoulaMomma said...

I plan to get it too...there is an event in the city next week for its release - am hoping to attend & pick one up then!
It's great that you are passing along good info to your friend...a freind gave me a copy of Sears' "The Birth Book" & it really was so refreshing & influential for me in my first pregnancy...made a huge difference