03 February 2009

(economic) woe is we

Tomorrow, Wednesday 2/4, Public Radio/WNYC's Brian Lehrer show will have on Maplewood head librarian to discuss how hard times are impacting libraries...specifically, ours - the one that serves moms with no other way to gather and meet, the one that gives refuge to kids when school lets out...take a listen tomorrow.
Here's the comment that planted the seed for the show, which states,
The library here in Maplewood, NJ has 8% more traffic in the last year. People are gathering there and using the internet access and computers to look for work. They are also checking out a lot more books instead of automatically visiting Amazon or big box stores. They are also taking advantage of the free children's story times and crafts and other programming. It's pretty amazing to see people actually utilizing the library for all the things it has provided all along. (This would be filed under "Bright Spot" except that the funding for the library will probably be slashed soon.)

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